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The RSS agenda against Muslims

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The RSS agenda against Muslims

Post by BIBI786 on Mon May 04, 2009 8:36 pm



This book was introduced into the London book market for 5 days before it was withdrawn due to fear of harassment and discrimination against Hindus in the arab world. The source of this information comes from the U.A.E .

Sharjah broadcasting Channel presented by Ra'ad Aman and the program name, "Foreign writings ".

Book Title : "All Hindus Wake up "

Subheading : "The protocols for Hindu leaders "

The Author : Dr.R. Singh

These are 13 of the protocols mentioned :

1. Hindus must consider the state of Israel as its most friendly ally due to its negative attitude towards Muslims .

2. Spread Sinful acts and values within Muslim communities .

3. Hindu temples must be built in all places possible and to be visited every day. Also the statue of "Ram" (their god name) to be placed in the work place.

4. Regular meetings are to be held to plan ways in working against Islam ..

5. Distribution of drugs and prostitution to be carried out within Muslim countries and communities .

6. Sexual relationships with Muslim women is encouraged to ensure the production of Hindu babies within Muslim communities .

7. If you are a pharmacist or doctor, try at all costs to enduce congenital defects in the foetus .

8. If you are a nurse or doctor, whisper "Ohm" into the new-born's ear . like what we say azan )

9. Try to spoil or damage goods in Muslim shops if you are employed by them .

10. Become their friends, gain their trust and stab them in the back .

11. Turn others against them .

12. If you work in their homes, try to influence their children or wives way of thinking .

13. Wear a black string around your wrist .

Can you please send this to as many Muslims as you can, it is your duty as a Muslim .

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