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Are clothing cleaned by the dry-cleaning process Paak?

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Are clothing cleaned by the dry-cleaning process Paak?

Post by Truth-Searcher on Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:04 pm

Bismaillah hirrahmaan nirrahim
Are clothing cleaned by the dry-cleaning process Paak?
According to the Shariah impure garments (Napaak or Najis) are purified normally with water, but could be purified with any Taahir (pure) liquid. Hence, if impure clothing is washed with a pure (Taahir) chemical, such clothing will be purified. However, even if pure chemical solvents are used in the present day dry-cleaning processes, the garments will not be regarded as Paak (Taahir or pure) according to the Shariah because the liquid is used over and over again. The Shariah stipulates that the impure liquid (impure because of the impure garment washed in it) be squeezed out and discarded as waste. But this is not the case in the dry-cleaning business, the same impure (Najas) liquid is repeatedly used. Hence, garments “washed” in our present dry-cleaning setups will not be regarded as Paak in the Shariah.
According to the Shariah the garment impurified by solid najaasat (impurity), is to be washed to such an extent that all impression of the impurity is eliminated from the garment. The garment has to be thoroughly squeezed and all the impure liquid has to be discarded. If the garment is impurified by an impure liquid then the garment has to be washed and rinsed thrice, each time in fresh and pure liquid. The garment will be regarded as pure only after it has been washed and thoroughly rinsed the third time in pure (Taahir) water or liquid.

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Re: Are clothing cleaned by the dry-cleaning process Paak?

Post by Hana on Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:55 am

Jazak Allah khair brother, I have been wondering about the dry cleaning issue.

It will be great if you provide the source whe you quote any fatwa inshaAllah

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