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Post by Truth-Searcher on Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:29 pm


QUESTION- Please elaborate on the confusion surrounding the chickens processed at the Early Bird Chicken Farm in Standerton. Maulana M. S. Navlakhi, the chief spokesman of Sanha and one Molvi Khan, a former supervisor at Early Bird, in a programme aired by a radio station which The Majlis describes as RADIO SHAITAAN – and I wholeheartedly agree with this depiction – made many adverse comments against The Majlis. Bypassing the many childish remarks and comments, some of their statements of a factual nature are as follows:
(1) Sanha did not certify Early Bird as claimed by The Majlis.
(2) Sanha does not receive hundreds of thousands of rands from Early Bird as The Majlis has alleged.
(3) Molvi Khan claimed that he had resigned for personal reasons unrelated to the halaal aspect of slaughtering. He discounted the claim of 48 chickens per minute, and he says that he sells and eats Early Bird chickens.
(4) Early Bird is a commercial plant and cannot allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to inspect its premises.

For a better understanding of this and other related issues, it will be salubrious to introduce the Sanha conglomerate of Fussaaq and Fujjaar. It is necessary to first understand the type of persons with whom one deals. Sanha came into existence purely out of monetary considerations – the inordinate lust for money. It peddles its haraam certificates with the sole motive of ingesting haraam and nourishing their dependents on monies acquired by means considered foul and obnoxious in the Shariah. Its sole trade is selling scraps of papers which its terms ‘halaal certificates’. Its only source of income is haraam riba acquired by methods regarded as extortion by Islam.

The funds it sucks from traders on the basis of these haraam scraps of papers and for its lousy superficial ‘inspections’, is Riba according to the Shariah. This aspect has been explained in greater detail in The Majlis.

Sanha is a bosom friend of the Sunday Times which has a policy of vilifying Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Islam. Sanha participated in a haraam, zina-liquor-pork display which was jointly organized by the Sunday Times and Pick ‘n Pay, a prime supporter of Israel. Our pamphlets on this haraam participation of Sanha explains this fisq and fujoor in greater detail.

Sanha has opened the door for the halaalization of pig’s flesh. Pork items had borne Sanha’s haraam logo. Sanha, in utter and brutal disregard for the sentiments and feelings of the Ummah of the entire world is in cahoots with Israeli suppliers who pay this miserable organization fat sums of money for halaalizing its products. Thus, Sanha has issued its haraam certificates to Israeli manufacturers. The Majlis has discussed this vile perpetration of the conglomerate of Fussaaq and Fujjaar known as Sanha.

Sanha silhouetted in the backdrop of this brief introduction of its infamy will permit a better understanding of our response to the comments made by Maulana M. S. Navlakhi and Molvi Khan.

1) Navlakhis claim: “Sanha did not certify Early Bird chickens”.

This claim is false. Sanha did certify Early Bird Chickens and to this day claims the chickens to be halaal. That Sanha did not issue its scrap of paper for the certification is of no significance. Much to Sanha’s chagrin and annoyance, another issuer of haraam certificates had managed to plunge its finger first into the pie, thereby thwarting Sanha to the draw.

It is immaterial whether the certification is executed by means of a scrap of paper or by means of tongues of fussaaq and fujjaar who relish on falsehood. The end result is identical. However, The Majlis did undoubtedly err in describing the two dubious supervisor characters as being Sanha’s appointees. This claim is unequivocally retracted WITHOUT apology. There is no apology because Molvi Khan is in cahoots with the fussaaq conglomerate. He struck up an unholy alliance with the Sanha clique to justify Early Bird’s haraam on Radio Shaitaan. Since Sanha has now enlisted him for its support, he has become a bedfellow of Sanha. There is therefore no need to offer an apology for a technical error. Molvi Khan by consorting with Sanha has joined the conglomerate.

Sanha cannot deny the fact that it did certify the chickens of Early Bird. In a letter dated 7 July 2008, addressed to Zehir Omar Attorneys, Early Bird’s attorneys, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Attorneys, state: “We note that you question the credentials of the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) and of the South African National Halaal Authority (‘SANHA’). As far as our client is concerned these are the appropriate institutions to certify our client’s chickens as being halaal.”

Sanha did inspect Early Bird, and Sanha did certify as ‘halaal’ the chickens of Early Bird. It is chicanery for Sanha to claim that it did not certify Early Bird haraam chickens as being ‘halaal’.

2) Navlakhi’s second comment: “Sanha does not receive hundreds of thousands of rands from Early Bird.” This error was based on the first misunderstanding of The Majlis. It is unequivocally retracted WITHOUT apology. The rationale for withholding an apology is the technical and flimsy nature of the error. While Sanha may not be receiving money from Early Bird, it does ply the haraam trade of collecting riba (royalties on carcases) and haraam certificate fees. So while Sanha does not receive money from Early Bird, it receives the hundreds of thousands of haram rands and possibly millions of haraam rands from other chicken plants and the myriad of business outlets to whom haraam certificates have been issued.

Both these errors are insignificant and Sanha’s comments in this regard are devoid of substance. The din which Navlakhi created with regard to these two non-issues is simply an attempt to sidetrack from the main issue and to pull wool over the eyes of unwary Muslims.

3) Molvi Khan’s averment that he had resigned for personal reasons.
The volte face of Molvi Khan is insidious, and his appearing on the stage of fisq with Sanha is a betrayal of Islam and of the Ummah. His contention of ‘personal reasons’ is not only dubious, but is designed in support of the conglomerate of Fussaaq (Sanha).

Molvi Khan and his colleague Molvi Doba, both had resigned. The reason for their resignation was explained personally by them to the Ustaadh at the Standerton Madrasah which is under the supervision of Maulana Mubeen and Maulana Abdullah of Vereeniging. They informed the attorney, Zehir Omar who in turn wrote to us as well as to Early Bird. ‘Personal reasons’ had not featured in their explanation for their resignation when they discussed the issue with the Ustaadh in the Standerton Madrasah which is run by the aforementioned two Maulanas. The unequivocal averment was that the halaal slaughtering could not be sustained due to the insistence on 48 chickens per minute by Early Bird’s management.

The issue at this juncture is not whether 48 chickens can be ‘comfortably’ slaughtered. The contention is that this was the prime reason presented by the two supervisors for their resignation. The somersault now is despicable, cowardly and unacceptable. Furthermore, prior to publication of this issue, Mohammed Rashid Asmal on behalf of The Majlis personally discussed the matter telephonically with Maulana Doba who has not featured on Radio Shaitaan during the silly ‘talk shop’.

Maulana Doba explicitly informed Mohammed Rashid that the reason for their resignation was the 48 minute insistence of the management. We take this opportunity of warning Molvi Doba about any volte face which he may be contemplating. Besides affidavits, he should understand that his discussion with Mohammed Rashid Asmal has been recorded, and if and when circumstances occasion, it shall be released. He should therefore not cast himself into a quagmire from which extrication will be impossible if he makes any new statement in contradiction of what he had elucidated telephonically.

Navlakhi’s claim that 35/38 chickens can be ‘comfortably’ slaughtered by the present crop of slaughterers at Early Bird, lends support to the 48 minute demand leading to the resignation of the supervisors. There is a big difference between 38 and 48. In the view of the two supervisors – regardless of what they may be blabbing now out of fear/threats or cowardice – the 10 additional chickens demanded by management could not be accommodated within the parameters of ‘halaal’. Being ‘experienced’ supervisors of the haraam system, and despite being on the payroll of Early Bird, their conscience at that stage did not permit them to condone an act which they believed was haraam and would lead to the community consuming haraam carrion.

The backtracking of the supervisor/s is now of no significance. They will not be able to conceal the truth. It is most unbecoming and treacherous of men aligned to the Knowledge of the Deen to conduct themselves so contemptibly on an issue of such gravity which concerns the Muslim community. These Molvis should fear Allah Ta’ala. They should look into their conscience and souls and remember the day of Maut and Hisaab. Molvi Khan has with haste decided to support the conglomerate of Fussaaq, but he is not prepared for the Sake of Allah Ta’ala and for the moral and spiritual benefit of the Ummah to proclaim the Haqq which had constrained him and his colleague to resign their evil jobs.

The two technical errors of The Majlis do not alter the reality of what had transpired at Early Bird Chickens. While the 48 minute demand is known, we are not aware of perhaps other malpractices which could have influenced the supervisors to resign.

4) The ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ comment
The attempt to detract from random inspections with the ‘commercial plant’ smokescreen is another red herring of Sanha. There are no worse Toms, Dicks and Harries than the Sanha crowd. The refusal to allow authoritative random inspection is the fear of the discovery of haraam malpractices. There is no other valid reason for this inordinate fear. If everything is above board, there would have been no hesitation to allow an independent team of responsible Muslims who are not faasiqs like the Sanha clique, to make random inspections.

All of these vile bodies certifying kuffaar products live with the fear of sudden discovery of malpractices, hence they emphasise to the managements of the kuffaar firms never to permit anyone access for inspection. Only people who are dense in the brains will agree to a prearranged inspection plotted by the haraam authority and the kuffaar management. The findings of a group of ignoramuses who undertake a prearranged inspection is bereft of substance and unacceptable. Prearrangement defeats the very purpose of the inspection.

Haraam and Halaal food is of vital importance to the Muslim. The Qur’aan and Hadith immensely emphasise abstention from haraam and mushtabah (doubtful). Imaan is contaminated and denuded of its spirituality by the consumption of haraam and mushtabah. It is impossible for a conglomerate of Fussaaq to adequately supervise the myriad of kuffaar business outlets and factories which they have certified solely for the sake of money. Grave malpractices are occurring in most of these kuffaar establishments. Sanha and the other bodies of its contemptible ilk are not omnipresent. To aggravate its lack of omnipresence is its fisq and fujoor. These vile organs of shaitaan therefore have no respect for the Ahkaam of the Shariah.

The community should understand that the slaughterers at the chicken plants are not men of piety and Deeni integrity, except a few. Along with the mass and rapid killing of animals is the mass slaughter of the Ahkaam of the Shariah. Total abstention from all processed chickens, not only Early Bird, is an imperative need for the sake of maintaining both the physical and spiritual health of Muslims.

When Muslims are capable of consuming carrion – chickens horrendously reared and slaughtered, it is time that they question the state of their Imaan.

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Post by Truth-Searcher on Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:31 pm


A SISTER from Natal writes: “Sanha issued a newsletter discussing Tony Naidoo’s silence on meeting with them. The following also appeared in the newsletter:
“Contact with other Islamic bodies
In a divide and rule type of tactic to curry favour with some organisations and individuals Naidoo has communicated with the Jamiatul Ulama of KwaZulu-Natal and the Port Elizabeth tabloid, the Majlis in this matter. We wonder about the outcome of this contact of the strangest kind. And even stranger is the fact that other bodies have chosen not to speak out against Naidoo’s attack. Their silence is deafening.” (End of Sanha’s fitnah insinuation.)

Insha’Allah, THE MAJLIS shall present a detailed and a thorough rebuff and demolition of the fitnah which the Conglomerate of Fussaaq has attempted to create in the community with insidious innuendos. Our RESPONSE shall, Insha’Allah, appear in Bulletin No. 2 of the New Supplementary Series, the first of which you are currently reading. Since all these issues require detailed and lengthy explanations and rebuttals in order to refute the falsities and fitnah of the fussaaq and fujjaar who have hijacked the Name of Islam for camouflaging their moral villainy, the paucity of space in The Majlis cannot adequately deal with these subjects, hence the need has developed to initiate a Supplementary Series to nail the Fussaaq and Fujjaar who wallow in haraam and baatil.

Insha’Allah, it shall be shown that the Sanha Fussaaq are the ones who crawl at the feet of kuffaar and enlist their support against the Ummah in their crave for money. May Allah Ta’ala destroy the vile and treacherous shayaateen lurking in the midst of the community, and like leeches suck the roohaani and akhlaaqi blood of the Ummah.

“O Rusul (i.e. the Messengers/Ambiya)! Eat Tayyibaat (halaal
and wholesome food), and practise virtuous deeds.”- Qur’aan

CONSUMPTION of halaal and tayyib (lawful, pure and clean – free from all physical and spiritual filth) is of fundamental importance for the acquisition of spiritual elevation. Years of ibaadat are shorn of its moral and spiritual effects and advantages by the consumption of even mushtabah (doubtful) food. Haraam food is a fatal spiritual and moral poison which is also harmful for the physical health.

Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak (rahmatullah alayh), the renowned Wali, Muhaddith, Faqeeh and Mufassir of the early era of Islam was the son of Mubaarak, the freed slave of the Qaadhi of Ray’. The Qaadhi had a very pious daughter. There was no dearth of marriage proposals from the elite and nobility of society – princes and noblemen. However, her father, the Qaadhi was perplexed. Who should he accept for his daughter? The Qaadhi went to consult with his neighbour who was a Majusi (Fire-Worshipper).
QAADHI: “Advise me regarding the marriage of my daughter. What criterion should I follow in this regard?”
MAJUSI: “O Qaadhi? You are the Qaadhi. People come from far and wide to seek your counsel. Furthermore, I am an alien (i.e. a non-Muslim). What advice could I proffer to you?”
QAADHI: “It matters not. You are my neighbour. Offer your counsel.”
MAJUSI: “O Qaadhi! The criterion of marriage by the Yahood is wealth; by the Christians it is beauty; by us (the Majus) it is lineage, and by the People of Islam it is moral character. You may choose the way of the Yahood or of the Nassara (Christians) or of the Majus or of Islam.”
QAADHI (Profusely thanking his neighbour): “I shall choose the standard of the People of Islam.”

When the Qaadhi returned home, he reflected. Who is the most pious with the best moral character? After much though and reflection, the Qaadhi decided that his slave, Mubaarak, was the most pious person. He resolved to marry his daughter to Mubaarak. He refused all other proposals, emancipated Mubaarak and performed his daughter’s Nikah to him.

When the Qaadhi delivered his daughter to Mubaarak’s home, she found him absorbed in Salaat. She sat and waited for him to complete his ibaadat. But Mubaarak did not even turn his gaze to her. He continued with his ibaadat for three days and three nights. After the third night, his wife spoke: “The women of the neighbourhood are gossiping, saying that my father married me off to a slave. Now even the slave is ignoring me.” Mubaarak said: “It is not as you have understood. Your father although a pious man is after all the Qaadhi. He acquires a salary from the state. Such money is doubtful. I intend to work and feed you with halaal and tayyib food for 40 days. We shall consummate the marriage after 40 days so that by virtue of the halaal-tayyib food we consume Allah Ta’ala will bless us with pious offspring.”
Since the Qaadhi’s daughter was a lady of Taqwa, she readily understood the lofty logic of her husband. She was delighted at his decision. After 40 days the marriage was consummated and Allah Ta’ala bestowed to them an illustrious son, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak – the Product of Halaal-Tayyib food.

It is the Waahib obligation of all Muslims to endeavour to purify their physical bodies and elevate their Souls with Halaal-Tayyib food. The first step in this direction in our situation is to abstain from SANHA, MJC, and NIHT certified haraam maitah (carrion).

Source- Majlis Pamphlet supplement series no.1


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