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Thabah- A complete and sacred system

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Thabah- A complete and sacred system

Post by Truth-Searcher on Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:39 pm


“And, do not eat from such (meat of animals) on whom the Name of Allah was not recited (at the time of Thabah). Verily, it is filth. And, verily the shayaateen whisper to their friends to dispute with you. If you obey them, then verily you (too) will be mushrikoon.”
(Surah Maa-idah, aayat 121)

The emphasis on the Tasmiah (i.e. Bismillaahi Allaahu Akbar) at the time of slaughtering is explicit in this aayat. Abstention from the Tasmiah is related to Satanism, hence the aayat mentions the ‘whisper-ing of the shayaateen’. The shayaateen influence their human friends, among whom the leading ones in our era are the ‘halaal-certificate’ self-styled ‘authorities’, to create disputes in their desperate attempts to realize their monetary interests. These disputes with the people of the Haqq are baseless justification of the haraam system which feeds carrion (maitah) to Muslims.
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, Allah Ta’aala has decreed mercy for everything. Therefore, when you have to kill, then kill with mercy; when you slaughter, slaughter with mercy. Sharpen your knife and be merciful to the animal.”
(Muslim, Ibn Majah, Nisaai’, etc.)
Hadhrat Umar Ibn Khattaab (radhiyallahu anhu) said: Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded that the knife be sharpened and that it (the knife) be concealed from the animal. And, he said: ‘When anyone slaughters, he should make haste.’”
(Ibn Maajah, etc.)
Once when Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) saw a man sharpening his knife after he had laid down the animal, he (Hadhrat Umar) struck the man with his whip and exclaimed: “Do you want to inflict multiple deaths on the animal?”

In Islam, Thabah (slaugh-tering animals) is a complete and sacred system. Thabah is not what the mercenary men with their ‘halaal-certificate’ trade believe. Thabah is not the mere act of slitting the throat of an animal. It is a sacred system – a whole process accompanied by sacred rituals. There is an Islamic attitude which is attendant to Thabah. Islamic Slaughtering is not a callous institution designed for filling the coffers of kuffaar entrepreneurs and shaitaani producers of ‘halaal-certificates’.
In the sacred system of Thabah, the animal is rendered lawful in the Name of Allah Ta’aala just as man and woman become mutually lawful unto themselves in the Name of Allah Ta’aala in the solemn system of Nikah. The primary importance which Allah’s Name holds and on which pivots the lawfulness of the meat, should adequately convey to Muslims the significance of this Islamic system. The system of Thabah is not restricted to slitting the neck and the haphazard mumbling of the Tasmiah for the sake of maximum production to gratiate the monetary lusts of the entrepreneurs and the haraam ‘authorities’ of ‘halaal’ certificates.

The only act which exists in the satanic slaughtering concept of the ‘halaal-certificate’ frauds, is the ostensible recitation of Tasmiah. Every requirement of the sacred Islamic system of Thabah has been callously extinguished. Absolutely no consideration is shown for the Masnoon method of Thabah commanded by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). In the concept of the mercenaries, cutting the neck suffices. While they beguile the Muslim community with their Tasmiah claim, the reality is that these auliyaaush shaitaan (friends of shaitaan) attach no importance to even the recitation of Allah’s Name, hence they are able to fabricate justification for the demand to slaughter 50 chickens a minute.

The system of Thabah prohibits the infliction of any injury on the animal prior to slaughtering. Thus, maiming, electrical shocks, stunning and all other acts of injury are strictly haraam. The arguments which the capitalist kuffaar produce to justify the infliction of injury to the animals are outrightly rejected by Islam. Every chicken which is today marketed as ‘halaal’ has been shocked and injured in flagrant contravention of the Shariah’s prohibition.

Our Deen’s system of Thabah requires that the animal be faced in the direction of the Qiblah when it is slaughtered. Allah’s Name has to be used. Thabah is a holy act. Its perfect validity demands the requisite of facing the animal towards the Qiblah. It is therefore haraam to flagrantly and persistently ignore this Shar’i command, and to slaughter the animals with their faces away from the Qiblah in exactly the same way as it is haraam to totally abandon all Masnoon acts of Ibaadat. This is an important injunction. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not issue this command in jest. It is not a joke. But these shaitaani ‘halaal certificate’ vendors have totally abrogated this Hukm of the Shariah. They treat this sacred ritual with scorn, derision and mockery. In so doing, they are guilty of Istikhfaaf thereby eliminating their Imaan and entering the folds of kufr.

When slaughtering, the animal has to be laid down onto the ground. But every chicken of the tens of millions which are satanically slaughtered each year under the auspices of the haraam certificates, is inverted, with its head facing the ground. The electrically shocked, birds hanging limply upside down on a fast-moving conveyor belt are carelessly slaughtered by mumblers of Tasmiah. The whole ‘Tasmiah’ display is a deceptive charade enacted by charlatans. There is no guarantee that the mumblers are in fact mumbling the Tasmiah on each and every one of the millions of chickens they slaughter in this callous haraam manner.

Barring the slitting of the throat, not a single requisite of the Islamic system of Thabah is observed in the callous monetary system of mass slaughter ‘halaalized’ by the mercenary ‘halaal-certificate’ vendors. There is no guarantee for the correct observance of even the primary and imperative requisite of the recitation of Allah’s Name. The fact that recently two mercenary supervisors at a chicken plant resigned precisely on this basis, testifies for the large scale malpractices prevailing in the mass slaughter industry.

The Thabah system for the provision of halaal tayyib meat in Allah’s Name does not end with the physical act of slaughtering. Its ramifications extend right to the end Muslim consumer. After the animal has been slaughtered comes the cleaning process. The Shariah precludes the immersion of the uncleaned chicken / animal into hot water. When the chicken / animal is immersed in hot water even for a short while, an imperceptible ‘cooking’ occurs. The najaasaat (impurities) still embedded within the chicken are absorbed into the flesh rendering the meat diseased and haraam. Thereafter, there is no process whatsoever for purifying such impure diseased meat.

Every killed chicken is incumbently immersed in hot water prior to removal of the entrails. On the assumption that the water’s temperature is not a degree which would effect imperceptible ‘cook-ing’, the fact remains that this method is in conflict with the Shariah.

Since the animals are slaughtered in a kuffaar establishment, the Shariah orders that the supervision of the halaal process should be from the point of slaughter to the point of delivery into the custody of the Muslim trader/consumer. But, in the commercial system prevalent, this incumbent requirement is ignored in entirety. This requisite has been totally abandoned. In fact, never did any of the haraam ‘halalizers’ ever even attempt to implement this system. There is absolutely no control in this sphere. The slaughterers can never testify in Allah’s Name that the so-called halaal chickens sold in plastic packets in supermarkets are the very same chickens which they had slaughtered.

The Muslim community has become accustomed to devour meats on the strength of a silly ‘halaal’ sticker / label / logo. There is no guarantee whatsoever for the hillat (permissibility) of the meat they are acquiring from non-Muslim business houses.

The essential requisites of an acceptable Islamic system of Thabah are as follows:
(1)- The chicken/animal may not be inflicted with any type of injury prior to Thabah. Electric shocks, stunning, etc. are haraam.

(2)- The knife has to be exceptionally sharp.

(3)- The animal has to be faced towards the Qiblah. The animal has to be laid down, and may not be hung on a hook upside down, and moved on a conveyor belt.

(4)- Proper recitation of the Tasmiah. Mumbling, mind ‘recitation’, and one-off recitation for the entire lot of chickens to be slaughtered are most certainly unacceptable and not permissible.

(5)- Removal of the entrails of chickens prior to immersing them in hot water.

(6)- Skinning may not commence while there is still movement in the animal.

(7)- Complete Muslim supervision from the point of slaughter to the point of delivery into the custody of the Muslim trader/consumer.

Any system of slaughter which fails to conform to this Shar’i standard is unacceptable and must be branded Haraam. Six of the abovementioned requisites of the sacred institution of Thabah have been abrogated by the mercenary haraam ‘halaal-certificate’ purveyors. Even the primary requisite of the Tasmiah is not guaranteed. Muslims should now understand what exactly they are consuming when they eat processed chickens and meat processed by non-Muslim abattoirs ‘halaalized’ by the unscrupulous mercenary organizations. You devour Maitah (carrion) which ruins your morality and spirituality.
This article was in response to the haraam way of slaughter conducted by a plant. Nonetheless it has points that can be off benefit anyway.

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