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The Solution

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The Solution

Post by Amatur Rahmaan on Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:12 pm

The Solution Is Taqwa Says The Qur'aan

“Undoubtedly, only the Muttaqeen (People of Taqwa) are His (Allah’s) friends. But the majority of the people do not know.” (Anfaal, aayat 34)
* “They who cling to the Kitaab (the Shariah of the Qur’aan), and establish Salaat, verily We shall not destroy the reward of the Saaliheen (the Pious).”
(A’raaf, aayat 170)

* “And Allah suffices for the Mu’mineen in war. Allah is powerful and mighty.” The Mu’mineen in the context of this verse are the Kaamil (perfect) and Pious Believers who are ‘mad men’ like the noble Sahaabah. It does not refer to the hybrid Muslims of this age.

* “If you have Sabr and cultivate taqwa, then they (the kuffaar) will not be able to harm you in any way whatsoever. Verily, Allah knows whatever you are doing.” (Aal Imraan, aayat 120)

* Said Musa (alayhis salaam) to his persecuted and oppressed people: “O my people! Seek forgiveness from your Rabb, and turn in obedience to Him. He will then send abundant beneficial rain upon you and add power to your strength. Do not turn away as criminals.” (Hood, aayat 52)

* “O People of Imaan! When you meet (in battle) an army (of the kuffaar), then be firm and recite the thikr of Allah in abundance, then perhaps you will be victorious.” (Anfaal, aayat 45)

* Most assuredly Allah will help those who help Him (His Deen)……They are such people, when We empower them on earth, they establish Salaat, pay Zakaat, command righteousness and prohibit evil.” (Al-Hajj, aayat 41)

* “Why not? If you persevere and have taqwa, and they (the kuffaar) suddenly attack you, then your Rabb will aid you with five thousand Angels in special uniform.” (Aal Imraan, aayat 125)

* “Know that verily Allah is with the Muttaqeen.” (Taubah, aayat 36)

* “Have Sabr, for the ultimate victory is for the Muttaqeen.”
(Hood, aayat 49)

* “We have decreed in the Zaboor after the Thikr that the earth will be inherited (for control and domination) by My pious servants.”
(Ambiya, aayat 105)

* “They who obey Allah and His Rasool, fear Allah and adopt taqwa, verily they are the victorious ones.”
(An-Noor, aayat 52)

* “Allah has promised to bestow political power on earth to those among you who believe and practise righteousness….”
Amatur Rahmaan
Amatur Rahmaan
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