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The West Concede....

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The West Concede....

Post by Amatur Rahmaan on Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:07 pm

Extracts from a report by Graeme Smith – Globe And Mail)

More districts of Kandahar are controlled by the Taleban than by the Afghan government, according to a U.S. assessment that casts doubt on Canada’s upbeat view of the war. A detailed analysis by U.S. security officials show that foreign troops and their local allies hold sway over the core, highly populated districts of Kandahar, but the zone of government control remains a small part of the vast territory assigned to Canadian responsibility two years ago.
The assessment divides Kanadahar into four categories: contested, Taleban-controlled, locally controlled, and government controlled. Recently four of the 16 districts were classified as government controlled. The Taleban were described as controlling six districts. The rest are held by warlords, or they are battlefields with nobody clearly dominating.
The months since the completion of the analysis have brought few signs of improvement in Kandahar’s security, with a rising number of Taleban attacks, more than 100 people killed in the country’s worst bombing since 2001, and a spectacular jailbreak that freed hundreds of suspected insurgents last month.

Other assessments of the province have been more pessimistic. Over the past two years, the United Nations’ periodically updated security maps have shown encroaching areas of “extreme risk” filling large swaths of countryside………… At the same time, Canada’s regular troops have abandoned positions in the north of the province over the past two years., including Ghorak district centre, about 70 kilometres northwest of Kandahar city; Forward Operating Base Mastello, about 100 kilometres north of Kandahar city, and Gumbad Platoon Base, about 80 kilometeres north of Kandahar city.
Comment – The abandonment of these bases by coalition troops testifies to Talibaan successes – tvoi) These outposts were located in districts now listed as Taleban-controlled in the U.S. assessment.
Many other provinces also suffer from a strong Taleban presence according to the analysis, which found insurgents controlling or contesting roughly 130 of the 398 districts assessed across the country.
(Comment – The analysis is flawed. The reality is that the Talibaan control more than 80% of the country – tvoi).

Most of the districts heavily influenced by the insurgency were located in the south and east, but the study also found that the militants had gained a foothold in areas near Kabul, such as Wardak and Logar provinces.
The idea that security has deteriorated in Afghanistan is not unique to U.S. analysts; it is now the mainstream view among most observers of the war. …………. “I am, and have been for some time deeply troubled by the increasing violence there,” U.S. Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters recently.”
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