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Rotten city- Muslim Youth

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Rotten city- Muslim Youth Empty Rotten city- Muslim Youth

Post by Taalibah on Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:53 am

Our Rotten City and The Muslim Youth who find its Impetus

A Sister had come to know of three boys in her surrounding neighbourhood who had committed suicide over the past two years - drugs and women being implied as the main cause. This prompted her into writing the article below.

I was not inspired, less still motivated, but rather provoked into writing this article. Over the past few years I heard numerous accounts of Muslim youth in the city. I heard reports of Muslim youth who were drugged heavily, "hanging out" or "chilling" at various city venues or at their disco-haunts, etc.
With the hope of proving these reports wrong, and coupled with a sense of curiosity, I drove by one of the dens to find and see with my own eyes, young Muslim boys completely "spaced out" gazing vacantly from pavements and staggering around - I also saw Muslim girls, scantily clad hanging all over the goofed boys, etc. The sight was alarming. It grieved me to see that a vast sector of our Muslim youth were either completely sucked in by the drug market and those who were not yet, had designs on acquiring the "high" they observed the "in-set" experiencing. It goes contrary to my nature to write so openly on such personal issues, however, the need necessitated such an approach. If I reach even one addict, one "up-and-coming" addict or one parent from one househ'old, I will be grateful.


The city streets are stained with urine, the stench emanating therefrom, overpowering the once tempting aromas from surrounding takeaways and hotels. Once prominent tourist corners now reek with a stench as municipal workers remove decaying deposits of condoms blocking city drains. Even Christians shun the city.
Promiscuity is blatantly paraded, immorality cheaply solicited. So bad, so evil, so corrupt this city , that even God-fearing Christians and enlightenered Hindus shun its "prodigious" call.
Ironically, it is our Muslim youth (who should by rights bear the banner of: "The purest'of the pure" who should avail themselves for consultation on hygienic forums, who should hail the "Cleanliness. is next to Godliness" slogan) who ate heedlessly escorting themselves along seedy alleys and into haraam-infested nightclubs. Amongst them Hufaaz earnestly pursuihg their hedonistic inclinations, picking up call girls from pavements, fiaternising with prostitutes who emerge shamelessly from every nook and cranny.


The proudly circumcised, the dwellers of Mosques, the prostraters in prayer those named after our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions, they are the keenest patrons of the vices being dished up in this God-forsaken-city. That the feet of the kalima recitors should walk upon the same path of pimps, drug peddlers, whores and drug addicts brings tears to my eyes.


Many predictions have been cast upon this City (ranging from a massive fireball heading for the beach fkont to a sudden earthquake (non of which has materialised as yet). However, the gracious extensions of time should not be perceived as the All Clear. As the sin escalates so too does the threat of desolate destruction.
The earth has consciousness and dimension. As the body responds by haemorrhaging from excessive drug abuse, so too will the earth, we inhabit, erupt from within, in response to the surge of sin, especially when perpetrated by the followers of the Seal of the Prophets.


The west wants the souls of the Mudim youth. Previously they had to design psychological programmes and deviously entice the Muslims into forsaking the high moral confines of Islam. Today they do not even need to coax our ever-willing youth who gldly embrace and foolishly wallow in the "illuminative" call of the city. Whilst, all the while, focussed youth of other fiths and denominations turn their backs on the grime the city slaps up.


A wise Muslim scholar said: "What the west has spewed the Muslims are licking up!!!!"


The family business may be doing an exceptional turnover, your father may be a wealthy businessman running an established empire. After a year or two of heavy drugging and excessive womanising you may still appear presentable. Give yourselves another few years and your once youthfil faces will be haggard and drawn, your eyes staring in vacant regret, your physique hunched and your health beyond repair.
Your father will pass onto the next world and in this pathetic condition you will be expected to assume the reigns of the family business, which knowingly or unknowingly supported your lifestyle! It can take less than a year for a cocaine addicted high-living youth to blow his entire inheritance - it has happened, it is becoming a more commnon occurrence! ! ! ! (statistics are available).


Prior to the 'big-day' budding grooms will craftily don their best side (in many recent incidents the facade has been unable to last the haul and addicts have been exposed before wedding plans are set into motion) and within months and sometimes weeks the newly married bride's world erupts into an unprecedented hell.
The drug-addicted husband used to "easy" women fiom the streets becomes impatient with his shy, virgin wife. He resorts to verbal and physical abuse. He's looking for an excuse to find his way back to his favourite girl at the escort agency. He leaves slamming the door on her tear-stained and bruised body. The new bride now contemplates: Should I phone mummy? Should I pack my bags and go home? What will the neighbours think? What will the family say? It will put so much pressure on my mother and father. . .. people might say I am at fault. Then she hopes against hope that the situation will improve. She proceeds to break her back to please her impertinent husband but he only takes advantage of and exploits her gentie nature. His drugging persists, regular outings with "the boys" include endless visits to the call girls and the abuse of his wife takes on alarming proportions.


Into this heartbreaking, soul- wrenching scenario enters a newborn baby. Sadly his innocent smile is not enough to sever his daddy's Iinks with drugs and the shady side of city life and when the colic induced nights persist the father becomes more enraged than ever. . .. Abused once too often and fearing for her baby's safety the young Muslim wife and mother heads back home - she cannot take anymore.
Zbe most frightening aspect of the above is that it is becoming increasingly common and it is very difficult for anyone to identify an addict during the first few years of drug addiction.


A plea to Muslim mothers and fathers: If you don't want your daughters and future grandsons suffering at the hands of drug addicted monsters, don't hand over such sons to other people's daughters. Don't give your children the leeway to enjoy western "freedoms" (which are calculatingly designed to cripple your
beloved offspring's in years to come. The western "call" is tailor made for destruction). The: "He is a male, let him have his fun!" syndrome will come home to haunt you in more ways than one. Let a culture arise whereby: should "any Muslim youth be spotted in unsavoury unislamic environs, they wiIl be
held in contempt and it wiIl reflect with shame on their family. The revered Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave us the ultimate and a complete moral code of conduct. It cannot be overlooked and replaced with ailing and decrepit western norms. You, the parents regularly send your precious little boys off to madrasah. You proudly send them to Darul-Ulooms as they mature. You encourage them to go to mosque for salaah and then you reward them with freedom
to do as they please. You hand over the credit cards the transport and the unlimited time, heedlessly overlooking the contrast between the lifestyle advocated by the Prophet of Islam. You have issued the ticket into Satan's den. As parents you have deteated the very objective of providing your child with an Islamic education. Parents, encourage your Amanah to remain within their homes and to socialise amongst family and Muslim friends within the controlled confines of an Islamic community and environment. Our youth must be encouraged to continue frequenting the mosques. Leaders must stimulate a high on Islamic discipline which will outclass any poisonous-drug-induced- high. John Yahya Cason - the father of the now deposed heavy-weight boxing champion, Hasim Rehman, put it into such sound perspective when he said "my son's main aim in life is to get into Jannat and the championship is secondary to that."The city streets are no place for the followers of Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Alhamdullillah - there arise amongst the foolish culprits, Muslim youth who adhere diligently to the call of Islam - due largely to the determined efforts of parents who take the time to show a concerted interest in their children. Such are the fortunate sons of Islam who have been kept on the straight and narrow. Insha- Allah they will set a precedence. May Allah Ta'ala bless the committed youth who hold onto the lofly culture delineated by Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is stated in a soul stirring IIadith that those who spend their YOUTH in the pursuit of Allah's favours - will receive the highest degree of blessing. However, the record shows that increasing numbers of youth are being lost to the clutches of the west. They have succumbed to the treacherous, indecent culture propagated by the anti-lslamic forums. We must aspire at all costs to win the youth back into the folds of Islam for it is in Islam where we will find the ultimate triumph.


Today the Muslim youth have lost sight of their own authentic appeal as they shun their Islamic identity in order to ape the masses. The Muslim youth have so much to offer the world from within the respected confines of Islam than what they ever will as mere duplicates of their western counterparts, The designer label of Muslims is the KALlMAH - wear it on your hearts!


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