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Breaking Ties

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Breaking Ties Empty Breaking Ties

Post by Truth-Searcher on Fri May 29, 2009 10:02 pm

An adult son breaks ties with his father because of the stringent Deeni impositions of his father. He cuts all ties, preventing his wife and children also from visiting his father. Please comment on his attitude.

Neither his Nafl nor Fardh acts of ibaadat are accepted by Allah Ta’ala. This evil son is deprived from the special Rahmat of Allah Ta’ala, which settles on the entire Ummah on the auspicious Nights of Qadr and Baraa’ah. He is deprived of the special daily Rahmat of Allah Ta’ala which reaches children via the agency of their father. The la’nat (curse) and ghadhab (wrath) of Allah Ta’ala perpetually settles on this disobedient son. A variety of other calamities will descend on him right in this world. The punishment for causing heartache to parents commences in this world. It is not postponed for the Aakhirah. The barkat of his earnings is eliminated and his lifespan is shortened. And, worst of all, the danger of him dying without Imaan overhangs him. The episode of Hadhrat Alqamah (radhiyallahu anhu) who was a famous Aabid among the Sahaabah, is a fearful example of the ultimate consequence which awaits such children who cause the hearts of parents to bleed. Even if his father reprimands and abuses him without justification, then too it is haraam for the son to sever ties. It remains Waajib for him to submit in obedience to all the lawful wishes of his father. This is adequate commentary for anyone who possesses Imaan and even a degree of fear for Allah Ta’ala.


About your father, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

• “The pleasure of Allah lies in the pleasure of your father, and the anger of Allah lies in the anger of your father.”
• “Verily, your father is the central gate of admission to Jannat (for his children). Therefore (O son / daughter!) destroy this central gate if you prefer, or guard it.”
• “Verily, among the best of good deeds for a man is to be kind to relatives and friends of his father, after his death.”
• To cast a gaze of affection at your father gains for you the thawaab of a Hajj.


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