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Remembering Death.

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Remembering Death. Empty Remembering Death.

Post by Abu Fauzi on Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:02 am

Sayyadi Anas bin Malik, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: "Remember death frequently as it wipes away sins and it gives contentment in the world and if you remember it in a wealthy state, then this will finish it (love for wealth). And if you remember it in your state of dependency then it will cause you to become pleased with your life."

Some pious personalities mentioned that the one who remembers death frequently will be awarded 3 things:- He will be Blessed with Divine Guidance of repenting swiftly; will have Contentment in his heart; and will find pleasure in Ibaadat (worshiping Allah).

Also, they mentioned that the one who does not remember death will be gripped by 3 calamities: He will delay in making Tauba (repenting); will be impatient (never content); and will be lazy in Ibaadat.

For further reading on this, see
"SHARHUS-SUDOOR (Expanding the Chest in Analysing Condition of the Dead and the Grave)", by Imam Jalaludden Suyuti.

Abu Fauzi

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